Travel Medicine

Travel Health and Immunizations Services

Our mission is to provide comprehensive travel health and safety consultations with an emphasis on
responsible and culturally sensitive travel.
Our Physician Assistant is specialty certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine.
We are all world travelers ourselves and are passionate about educating people about keeping healthy
and safe when traveling beyond our borders.
Our services include:
-Comprehensive travel consultations
-Certified yellow fever vaccinations
-Routine and travel immunizations
-Prescriptions for travel related medications
-Post-travel care
-24-hour on call staff for existing Internal Medicine patients
-Patient portal and messaging system available to all

Office visit and vaccine charges will be due at time of appointment.  See below for pricing. Our physician assistant, Anna Cullotta,  will coordinate your appointment time.  Please call the office at 312-922-3815 to start this process.

Visit Charge

Basic $125  (2 or fewer countries on itinerary)

Extensive $150  (>2 countries on itinerary)

Vaccine Charge/Dose

Cholera(oral)                                         $290

Hepatitis A                                             $95

Hepatitis B (Engerix)                             $80

Hepatitis B (Heplisav)                           $155

Hepatitis A&B                                       $140

Influenza                                               $35 regular dose/$65 high dose

Japanese Encephalitis                          $350

Meningitis(ACWY)                                 $175

Meningitis B                                           $240

MMR                                                      $110

Pneumococcal                                      $140-$295

Rabies                                                   $350

Td                                                          $35

Tdap                                                      $55

Tick Borne Encephalitis                        $310

Typhoid(oral)                                        $150

Typhoid(IM)                                          $135

Varicella                                               $180

Varicella Zoster(Shingles)                    $200

Yellow Fever                                         $225

Injection fee                                         $15, > 3 injections $25


*Prices may vary

Please fill out this pdf form so we can expedite your visit.  This form should be filled out ASAP or at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Travel Health Questionnaire Form (PDF)

In order to view or print this form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.