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Women's Health in Chicago

What is Women’s Healthcare?

When most people think of women’s health they usually think of Pap smears and mammograms but there is so much more to women’s health than you may even realize and while these two screening tools are important they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Turning to an internist can provide women of all ages with the tailored medical expertise and care to be able to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of health problems. From health individuals to women dealing with chronic or complicated illnesses, the medical team at Michigan Avenue Internists can provide the understanding and compassionate medical care and treatment you’re looking for in Chicago.

While an internist can provide cervical and breast cancer screenings this isn’t the extent of what we can offer you. We provide preventive medical care, as well as education and advice to help you stay healthy, as well as screening and treatment options for both acute and chronic illnesses. Our doctors can manage everything from heart disease and diabetes to thyroid conditions.

It’s important that all women undergo an annual physical. This routine checkup allows our doctors to perform a comprehensive physical exam while also discussing your current lifestyle and habits to determine which screening tools and immunizations should be provided. We will go through your medical history and discuss habits such as exercise and smoking to determine your overall health and whether there are any changes you should make to improve your health.

A physical examination is also a simple yet effective way to detect certain issues such as chronic fatigue or a heart murmur and also monitor them whenever you come into the office for care. Physical exams will examine everything from heart and lungs to the nerves and reflexes. When appropriate, our internists will also order blood tests or other tests to check for common issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes or other diseases. Depending on your age, there may be other screening tools such as a colonoscopy that our doctors will recommend to you.

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