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We have an exciting new change to announce with our Electronic Medical Record system. As of September 30th, we will be converting our electronic records to "EPIC" which is the same system that Northwestern uses.

We will do our best to make the transition to the new system as seamless as possible for you, and we ask for your patience with any delays in appointments or redundancy in paperwork.

With this transition, you, and other Northwestern providers of yours, will benefit from having your information more readily accessible in a central location. Sharing the same system will also ensure that Northwestern departments will have access to your referrals and lab orders directly to assist with scheduling.

Beginning Monday, September 30th, our current “Patient Portal and Healow” application, where you may have previously reviewed lab results, sent and received messages and requested medication refills, will transition to MyChart.  We ask that you use MyChart for electronic communication from September 30th onward. Lab results done in our office beyond September 30th will be posted to MyChart.If you would like to activate MyChart, please visit the following website: https://myc.nm.org/MyChart/. If you need assistance setting up a MyChart account, please contact the Support Team at 1-855-HLP-MYNM (1-855-457-6966).

To access your old patient portal, please visit health.eclinicalworks.com/MAI.  You will be able to access your medical records prior to September 30th. Please do not send messages or refill request to your doctor on this site. 

We look forward to this transition in hopes of better streamlining your care with our office and Northwestern.

Thank you,

Michigan Avenue Internists, LLC


Serving the Chicagoland area for over forty years, we have a long and proud history of providing exceptional medical care to a wonderfully diverse patient population.

We are a group of ten physicians, all university-trained and board-certified.

Our physicians are all affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital and actively participate in the education of medical students and residents from Northwestern University – Feinberg School of Medicine.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Chicago on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Adams Street across the street from the Art Institute.
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We are open Monday through Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm 
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