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Dear Valued Patient,

We hope that you and your family have been safe and healthy during this time.  We are extremely grateful for your patience and support during this pandemic. We remain committed to being partners in your health and providing you the best possible care.  Please continue to follow stay-at-home orders and physical distancing, but in the upcoming weeks, we will absolutely be ready to see you again in the safest possible manner.  We wanted to give you an update about what we can do now and how we are planning for the future.  Your safety is our top priority!


Currently, we have implemented a (mostly) virtual office to be able to care for you conveniently from the safety of your own home.  We are available for virtual appointments through video or telephone.  To schedule one of these appointments, please call us at 312-922-3815 or send us a message through MyChart.   These virtual visits are billed to your insurance just like an in-office visit; some insurance plans are waiving co-pays due to COVID-19.

However, we continue to have doctors in the office during business hours should you have an urgent matter that cannot be managed through a virtual visit.  FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY, HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL UNABLE TO TAKE WALK-IN OFFICE OR LAB APPOINTMENTS. We can only see people with appointments that are scheduled ahead of time.  Please contact your doctor if you feel that you need an in-person visit.  If your personal doctor is not in the office that day, one of our other doctors would be happy to accommodate you.

We also have a new system for laboratory services and allergy shots. AGAIN, WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS TO SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH AND THE HEALTH OF OUR STAFF. If your doctor has decided that it is essential for you to come in for lab tests or some other laboratory service (like a vaccine or injection), we will schedule you a specific time to come to the lab.  For allergy shots, please continue to message the office at least 24 hours in advance, but now we will also schedule you a specific time to come in as well.

For all appointments (visits with a doctor or a lab visit), we would appreciate you being on-time and arriving as close to your scheduled time as possible.  We are scheduling set times to minimize wait times and crowding to keep you as safe as possible.  You are required to wear a mask or other covering over your nose and mouth: please wear one when you leave your home, keep it on the entire time, and only remove it after you return home.  When you arrive, we appreciate your patience so please continue to physically distance yourself when you arrive.  

There are a few additional policies that we are planning for when our office reopens.  Again, our top priority is your safety!  

First, we understand that these past few months have been a long time to put health matters on hold.  Please remember, we are happy to help manage chronic medical conditions through virtual visits now!   When we reopen for in-person appointments, we will initially prioritize types of appointments for more acute or urgent matters, along with visits for ongoing management of chronic medical conditions (and medication checks).  When scheduling an appointment and again when you arrive, you will be asked screening questions to see if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, traveled in the past few weeks, or had close contact with someone who has had COVID-19.

Second, only patients with a scheduled appointment time will be allowed to enter the office.  We request that any companions who come with you wait outside the building for you.  Please contact your doctor before your appointment if you need special accommodation.  Our office is rearranged to promote social distancing.  We appreciate you being on time so that we can bring you back promptly to an exam room upon your arrival.

Third, doctors and staff will be wearing masks in the office.  Doctors will also be wearing other protective equipment during your visit.  While maintaining a clean office has always been our practice, we have added extra precautions based on CDC recommendations to ensure our office is sanitized frequently before and after your visit.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  We hope to care for you as efficiently and safely as possible.  We will constantly evaluate our processes and procedures for improvement so that we ensure your health and safety.  Additionally, our appointment schedules will evolve to accommodate our patient backlog; we hope to continue virtual visits as well.  We are extremely hopeful and eager to continue to provide you the excellent care you expect of us.


Dr. Sheila Ballintine, Dr Sean Connolly, Dr Angelo Costas, Dr Ami Desai, Dr Greg Ewert,

Dr Louis Hiotis, Dr Evan Ng, Dr Bradley Sabin, Dr Shirley Lee TerMolen, and Dr David Vermylen




We have an exciting new change to announce with our Electronic Medical Record system. As of September 30th, we will be converting our electronic records to "EPIC" which is the same system that Northwestern Memorial Hospital uses.  You will need to use MyChart for electronic communication now to communicate with your doctor. If you would like to activate MyChart, please visit the following website: https://myc.nm.org/MyChart/. If you need assistance setting up a MyChart account, please contact the Support Team at 855-457-6966. With MyChart, established patients can schedule appointments online with Dr Ballintine, Dr Connolly, Dr Desai, Dr Ng, Dr Sabin, and Dr Vermylen. We look forward to this transition in hopes of better streamlining your care with our office and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


Serving the Chicagoland area for over forty years, we have a long and proud history of providing exceptional medical care to a wonderfully diverse patient population.

We are a group of ten physicians, all university-trained and board-certified.

Our physicians are all affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital and actively participate in the education of medical students and residents from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.We are conveniently located in the heart of Chicago on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Adams Street across the street from the Art Institute.
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